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To visit one of the most beautiful areas of East Germany

Discovering East Germany where old traditions still persist, it is still possible to taste typical products made ​​by hand and enjoy the silence of nature.
If you are looking for a different holiday stay in Saxony is ideal. Even large cities like Dresden, Chemnitz and Leipzig will hit you for the order, cleanliness and quiet. You can enjoy peace of mind with the beautiful monuments, buildings, statues, frescoes, surrounded by a natural setting of extraordinary beauty. You will be surprised the lack of traffic, the efficiency and timeliness of transport services, the kindness of people.
To relax in unspoilt nature, Wiederau, a small village of just 200 inhabitants, is the ideal starting point for wonderful excursions.
The apartment is located in the main square, bus terminal lines that lead to Mittweida (university city, rich in history, country of poets, writers, musicians), Rochlitz (old town where time seems to stand still) and Burgstädt (important railway junction for the line-Chemnitz-Leipzig, Dresden).

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